Phil Hellmuth is the Greatest Poker Player Ever For Reason

Additional down the first search web page is the Wikipedia access for Stu Ungar, along Top 10 lists of avid gamers, often ranked with subjectivity rather than science.

After all, how does one reasonably assess who is the greatest poker participant ever? Is it the participant who has accrued the most profession prize money, even although this favours the modern participant over those racking up the event wins in the 1970s?

Is it the participant to have cashed the most times? The participant to have competed at the top of the tree for the longest? The participant to have accrued the most event victories? The participant who has proven the most versatility by successful more World collection of Poker Bracelets in various poker disciplines? After all, poker shouldn’t just be looked at through the limited lens of no-limit Texas Holdem.

Phil Hellmuth is the Greatest Poker Player Ever For Reason

The Board

To try to reply the question once and for all, we have devised our own rating standards, analysing the performances of 30 mythical poker gamers in the following areas:

World collection of Poker Main Event wins
Total World collection of Poker bracelets
Versatility (bracelets according to in various poker disciplines)
match wins
Years active
profession winnings
profession cashes
Poker books published
greatest profession payday
World Poker excursion wins
eu Poker excursion wins
Our Tells
Each participant was ranked in all of the eleven classes and the 15 gamers to have talk to greatest family tree advanced to the final table. sadly for Jason Mercier, he comprehensive on the bubble.

Each class was then given a weighting based on how important they were deemed in deciding the finest poker participant ever. The weighting system was based on the order of the classes above.

So the participant who has been rewarded with the largest profession payday was passed 15 facets, while the lowest in this class obtained just one.

Meanwhile, the top participant for Main Event wins based on a hundred and fifty element and the lowest just 10.

Once the top 15 had a rating in each class, these were totalled up and the best poker participant of all time was unveiled. Here are the final 15: